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Project: Modern Minds 2014

Mossel Bay, the Post Office Tree (South Africa)   The Lot Valley, Maison Daura (France)  


The first post office in South Africa was an old Milkwood tree in Mossel Bay. It still functions today.

It was used by the Portuguese ships on route to the Far East in 1500 and is situated close to caves where the earliest evidence of human symbolic behavior has been found dating to 200,000 years ago. 


Postcards of a paleolithic painting from the caves at Pech Merle in France are sold to the public. They are put in a self-addressed envelope and posted to the caves in Mossel Bay, South Africa. They are then franked with a special stamp from the Post Office Tree and returned to the sender.

The painting of the mammoth on the post card from Pech Merle was defaced by Andre Breton 

He was attempting to prove that they were modern forgeries and not made by Palaeolithic people 20,000 years ago


In collaboration with Point of Human Origins – Mossel Bay, South Africa

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