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a trance-modern   surrealist sculpture    in the style of fin de siècle altered minimalism 

A documentation - The Story of Art


Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou,  Cajarc, France 2014



Wooly Breton

Eroded neuro-electrode 

Scientific beadwork in chambers

engraved Zulu map of the American tourist cap

rocks from Ochre mobile phone images

spectrum of

Lot Valley, location ochre consciousness

Freud in China) - 200,000 years ago

shop pigment 

Blombos bubble Pen at Pech Merle palette,

Saint-Cirq Lapopie (made in China) caves, South Africa)

species of Pech Merle

The Story of Lobster Golf

tee used to hold Gombrich ochre, Pinnacle Point

Archival - Art, golf course and

Photograph of EH Sigmund Seal skull

Andre caves and first brain antennae (South Africa)

image -

​Perlemoen shell (luxury development (same as known South Africa)

Drawings by Tortoise shells of neurons 

Diagram - Mammoth neutrinos Images of and – London neurons

Diagram of hologram

and shells (South Africa)


Freud and Sigmund holder

from above Science Museum,