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 Video installation, Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter (short extract)

To think the void as a place of origin is to be thrown into a space of bewilderment where nothing and everything is possible. It is the genesis of Genesis, a place in which we hold on to the possibility of narrative. In the time of the Anthropocene, as much as in contemporary political time, the prospect of catastrophe and of the void is more pressing than it has been for generations. Ginnungagap responds to the immense challenge to the human imagination that these conditions represent. To go back to the point where we think the unthinkable, the void as the place of origin, in a refreshed cultural language, is to reboot our sense of ourselves: as beings suspended in time, relying on stories to throw back to the universe an impression of our existence. It is the place where the human and ethical come together again, in wonder.

David Attwell

Installation views GINNUNGAGAP

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