Sea and mountain dominate the city of Cape Town where I grew up. Relocating to London, I experienced an overwhelming urban claustrophobia. The physical world around me was now entirely mediated with everyone living inside a constructed world of text and image. I wanted to break down these structures that felt so lifeless, to collapse them into the something more organic and primordial, to take it all back to a beginning I could inhabit and work from.


Feeling disorientated, I first needed terra firma so I took what was to hand. Choosing books, magazines, newspapers from around me, I pulped and then remade them into new surfaces like reclaimed land.  The selection drew on my immediate surroundings but also on older internal strata revealing underlying layers of cultural geology.

Now I had a primary surface with text and image integrated.


The blank page however is always underwritten by the past seeping through into the present and future. I’m constantly working with and against this history, trying to understand the connections to where we are now and to reshape things.

Sega Megadrive

The Financial Times

The Picture of Dorian Gray

National Geographic

Noddy Gets into Trouble

The Young Turner

pulped books, magazines and newspaper      65 x 80 cm


At the time I wanted some way to get beyond the relentless irony and deconstruction of Postmodernism. I needed to reconstruct but in a flexible and non binary way,  something to combine oppositions like  form and formless so I went searching through the fall out of Modernism and  taking from languages like structuralism and brut,  started putting things together


pulped manga,  books,  magazine,  brochure  and tape on board      80 x 110 cm 

Evangelion     Scientific American   The Territorial Imperative     Hidden Greece       The Glass Bead Game